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About us

ITECMA produces carbon composite materials for the most demanding industries, including aerospace. Our specialty is high-quality structural polymer resins for a wide range of temperatures from -100 to + 450 °C. We also produce carbon fabrics, prepregs, as well as a system of adhesives and fillers to create sandwich structures. Our new direction of development is composite tooling.

Our mission is to provide customers with world-class materials and technical support for the rapid and effective implementation of composite technologies in products. We created a special design and calculation department to support our customers' designers and a technical support department to assist in the manufacture of products at customer sites. Thus, during collaboration with aerospace industry we establish our tooling manufacturing. We use our experience of material scientists and CAD engineers combined with experience in final parts production to build an ideal carbon tooling: on rigid and light frame, connected by stress-free joints eliminating the effect of different CTEs of carbon and steel, compensated warp distortion and with allowances for laying out optimization. 

Our scientific base and developer of materials is the well-known private research company "Institute of New Carbon Materials and Technologies". INCMaT is established jointly with Department of chemistry of Lomonosov Moscow State University. INCMaT has its own production laboratories and test center, which occupy more than 1000 sqm.

More than 30% of the company's employees are PhDs. The achievements of the working team are more than 150 publications and 50 patents