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Technical support

ITECMA provides technical support services of design and manufacture of parts and tooling of polymer composite materials. We claim the responsibility for the quality of products from our materials.

Designing products from composites

Polymer composite materials allows to construct structures with anisotropic characteristics, so the approach to production of parts from composites is very different from that made by casting and machining.

ITECMA specialists of design department had an experience of working at the largest aircraft building enterprises in Russia and their specialization is designing and calculating products from composite materials. If you need to make a metal part stronger and lighter, we will help you to redesign it from metal to composite, to calculate and make it as light as possible, considering all the features of the composite manufacturing.

We not only considering the necessary operational characteristics of the part, but also the processability of the manufacturing process, the warping and other possible damage while removing the part from the tooling.

Tooling design

A company's separated specialization is the design of the tooling. When designing the tooling, all factors affecting the behavior of the tooling during the operation are considered. We calculate thermomechanical behavior of the tooling including the calculation of deformation during heating and deformation under its own weight. If consider all factors, it is possible to produce tooling and parts with tolerances less than 0.1 mm by 500 mm2. ITECMA engineers have already developed the tooling for wingtips, engine pylons, chassis flaps and other products.

Molding products

One of the composite advantages is the ability to mold large structures such as ship hull at one time. So if creating a large product by the vacuum infusion, it is extremely important to put the resin feed tubes properly to ensure equal infusion of the fabrics throughout the entire volume.

ITECMA support service engineers visit the customer's place of manufacture and control the whole process of molding a new product from laying up and assembling the package to impregnation and curing. Our molding experience with part sizes of more than 20 meters will make you confident in the result from the first trial. We will also train your specialists in the nuances of working with ITECMA materials and will continue to support you in case of additional questions.