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Creation of the applied research laboratory of new carbon materials chemistry at Chemistry department of Lomonosov Moscow State University

Creation of the applied research laboratory of new carbon materials chemistry under the auspices of a young scientist V. Avdeev. The main task was the development of structural materials for aerospace engineering.

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Creation of a small enterprise UNICHIMTEK

V. Avdeev assembled a team of scientists and engineers for practical implementation of the research results and created a small enterprise UNICHIMTEK.

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Creation of INCMaT

In 2003, the development team, created by D. Sc. in Chemistry V. Avdeev, D. Sc. in Chemistry I. Godunov, D. Sc. in Physics and Mathematics S. Ionov, won an open competition of innovative projects of national importance in the field of R&D and domestic production creation of a new sealing and flame retardant materials.

Then the necessity to expand the research and test base for the implementation of the State order became apparent. That is why the Academic board of Lomonosov Moscow State University supported the initiative of Chemical department scientists and decided to create the new Institute on the basis of the Laboratory of new carbon materials.

The founders of the Institute of New Carbon Materials and Technology (INCMaT) are the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Foundation for Technological Development, Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the Scientific and Technical Sphere, UNIСHIMTEK.

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Creation of a Composites division in INCMaT

INCMaT team opens a new line of research in the field of polymer composite materials and carbon fibers. An experimental setup for the production of carbon fibers from a PAN precursor was constructed. The experiments on creation of our own epoxy resins have been started.

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Spin-off the Composites division from INCMaT to ITECMA

The department of Composites became one of the most prospective at INCMaT. The company had its own developments in the field of epoxy and bismaleimide resins, which were available to commercial consumers. At the end of 2014 INCMaT made a decision to spin-off a Composite division to a separate company - Innovative Technologies and Materials - ITECMA.

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