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The specialists of "ITEСMA" visited the forum of the ESI Group.

28 Sep 2018
The specialists of "ITEСMA" visited the forum of the ESI Group.

In September 2018, our specialists visited the ESI Group forum to improve their skills. In particular, Mikhail Kozlov, a leading strength specialist at JSC «INUMIT» (Institute for new carbon materials and technologies), told Mil.Press about digital design, new software products and ESI Group forum.

Mikhail shared his experience of digitalization at the enterprise, where software is used, and the whole process of tooling design takes place in digital form. The company works with programs of leading software manufacturers.
The forum provided a good basis for exploring the potential of ESI products. They correspond to the tasks pursued by various enterprises interested in digitalization of design processes.

Speaking about the prospects for the transition to digital production in the industry as a whole, it is important to note that today the available computing power, data volumes and storage capabilities are increasing. The concept of digital or hybrid twin fully meets the requirements and trends in the industry. Therefore, in the future, almost every company will be able to afford to store data about each of its products in Data-centers, will have the capacity to process this information, which can serve as the basis for quality production of PCM products. All this meets the concept of digital design and digital. Thus, thanks to the new technologies presented at the ESI Group Forum, the prospects for development in this industry are huge.