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Description and benefits

  • Made of our own in-house developed carbon fabrics and resins.

ITECMA developed their own product line of high quality prepregs with service temperature up to 300°C.
Pre-preg is "pre-impregnated" composite fibers where a thermoset polymer matrix material, such as epoxy, is already present. The fibers often take the form of a weave and the matrix is used to bond them together and to other components during manufacture. The thermoset matrix is only partially cured to allow easy handling; this B-Stage material requires cold storage to prevent complete curing. Hence, composite structures built of prepregs will mostly require an oven or autoclave to cure.

We also try to keep up to date, taking into consideration all composite industry development factors, and developed Out-of-autoclave prepreg ITECMA B180, having 95% of autoclaved prepreg characteristics.

Out-of-autoclave prepregs
Material Reinforcing filler Surface density, g/m2 Cur temp, °C Oper temp, °C
Vacuum forming, thermocompression, pressing and autoclave molding TU 1916-065-59846689-2017
carbon fabric twill 2x2 weave (200 g/m2) 315±30 180 120
Operating temperature up to 180 °С
Material Reinforcing filler Surface density, g/m2 Cur temp, °C Oper temp, °C
Thermal compression, compression and autoclave molding ТУ 1916-066-59846689-2017 ТУ 23.99.14-016-73047899-2021
  • углеродная ткань саржевого плетения 2х2 (200 г/м2 и 280 г/м2)
  • однонаправленная углеродная лента (120 г/м2 и 200 г/м2)
  • 330±20
  • 450±20
  • 190±20
  • 300±20
180 120
Operating temperature up to 250 °С
Material Reinforcing filler Cur temp, °C Oper temp, °C Post-Cur temp, °C
Autoclave molding, thermocompression and pressing TU 23.99.14-074-59846689-2018
  • carbon fabric, 200 g/m2,
  • 2x2 twill weave
185 -60/+250 230