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Russia24 report about our company in the program "Science": new materials

19 Dec 2018
Russia24 report about our company in the program "Science": new materials

In December 2018 the TV channel Russia24 presented a report about the Institute of new carbon materials and technologies (JSC «INUMIT") and the innovative technologies that the company creates.

In the field of composite materials, our company does not lag behind and goes ahead of global trends.
Composites are multicomponent materials, which consist of a reinforcing filler and a binding component - their ratio and orientation determine the uniqueness of the properties. The combination of heterogeneous substances leads to the creation of a new material, the properties of which differ quantitatively and qualitatively from the properties of each of its components. Therefore, by varying the composition of the matrix and the filler, their ratio, the orientation of the filler, we obtain a wide range of materials with the required set of properties.

Our company has developed a system of materials, which according to the complex properties of PCM is not inferior to the previously used in the project MC-21 imported materials, despite the limited raw materials on the Russian market. Such materials have high impact-resistant properties and show excellent performance in compression after impact. Another important advantage of composites is their lightness, which justifies the interest of the aircraft industry to such new developments.

By the way at the enterprise of our partner JSC "AeroComposit" in Ulyanovsk the project MC-21 is developing. The wing and part of the mechanization of this new Russian aircraft are made of composites. The use of these materials increases the quality of safety and comfort of the aircraft. 

Experts from the whole world are trying to improve the flight characteristics of the aircraft. But our scientists and designers were among the first to respond to these challenges and not only created, but also introduced new technologies into production.